Smartlock is a global leader in the development and manufacture of electronic access management solutions and related products in specialised applications for a variety of industries. Our success is attributed to the unique solutions and product portfolio that we supply as well as our turn-key capabilities in the successful implementation and activation of these solutions.

We pride ourselves in our capabilities and innovations in these specialised application environments. In keeping abreast with the latest technological developments, Smartlock remains a leader in its selected domains and is continuously evolving and innovating. Our technological advancements and designs are protected by registered patents and we provide our customers with valuable business continuity solutions.


Smartlock was founded in 2007 and now boasts an impressive corporate customer base. The company supplies its solutions directly, as well as through selected distributors servicing various industries. These include access management and associated products in Telecommunication and Utilities, cash management in Banking, cargo protection in the Logistics industry and secure examination management in Education. The company operates a national presence in South Africa, with full support and deployment capabilities. The company has also concluded several international deployments in Africa, South East Asia, the Middle East, USA and is currently expanding this reach to the UK and Europe.


Launch of the innovative wireless access management solution for remote infrastructure in telecommunication and utility networks.


Launch of the Rhi-Node range of pre-fabricated, non-metal manhole chambers for telecommunication and utilities.


Launch of an electronic script delivery solution for examination security and management, developed in conjunction with the Independent Examinations Board of South Africa.

Launch of the cost-effective Bluetooth-based Smartkey, making use of smart mobile devices to access electronic locks or seals.


Deployment of a cash access management solution for a leading commercial bank.

The integrated truck lock was released to market, servicing the logistics industry through electronic cargo management and security.

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The audio-visual monitoring system was launched for enhancing the credibility of the execution of examinations, whilst reducing the cost of monitoring.

The launch of the water-tight access chambers for use in dolomite rich soil conditions.


The Rhi-Node 400 manhole was released to the market.

"We will only ever attain what we challenge ourselves to achieve. Our success will be determined by the effort we exert and the attention to detail in everything we do. As you would expect from an industry leader, we never stop researching and seeking innovative solutions. We pioneer applications based on future technologies, to be first to market. Our commitment to meet our customers’ needs and provide unparalleled capabilities and value to their business, determines our relevance and dominant position in the market."

Andrew Scott


To be the benchmark within our industry, for the provision of innovative, solution orientated products and value adding managed services, through service delivery and customer satisfaction.

Our manhole covers, chambers and family of products, provide the most comprehensive solution at the highest quality standard available. Our access management solutions and software services provide enhanced capabilities through innovative design and technology integration.

  • We value our customers and their individuality.
  • We value our employees and their diversity.
  • We are team focused and passion driven.
  • Integrity, honesty and fairness in all our dealings.
  • We value our environment, health and safety and accept our social responsibility within our community.


Smartlock, represented by its directors, management and employees, is committed to the development, implementation, maintenance and the continual improvement of a quality management system that complies with the ISO 9001 standard.

We are committed, through effective application of the quality management system, to provide a framework for establishing and reviewing quality objectives and continually improve our customer relations by adapting to their changing needs and expectations. All products are designed to predetermined standards and we attain the required certifications relevant to these standards.


Smartlock is committed to applying best practices in environmental management. Smartlock aims at complying with all local and international regulations by minimising the consumption of energy, water and material resources and promoting awareness of environmental issues.

Smartlock has an integrated strategy that aligns company goals across all levels of business. This includes employment equity, skills development, socio-economic development and small business enterprise development.


We pride ourselves on our unique solutions. Through utilising our own patented technology, know-how and manufacturing facilities, we provide unparalleled solutions and capabilities. All our patents and products are registered with the South African Department of Trade and Industry.

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Smartlock Timeline

Smartlock Timeline
Smartlock Timeline

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